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BEeFF - Beautiful Women Dyin’ (Necrophiliac)

i miss them :(


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Apparently KKK members are walking around Ferguson and burning Crosses tonight. This and a post from one of the blogs I follow is all the evidence that I could gather on the subject, seeing as the police are not allowing news stations to record the matter. I’m really hoping that the information is false at this point but still I want all the people in Ferguson to stay safe and know that your in my prayers.

If anybody has some extra information on this matter, please add on to the post.

wtf is going on


THIS IS 100% TRUE i was just on the north side to get my friend and take her to a safer area!!!!

tbh the police are gonna protect the kkk about 1000x more than they protect us.
oh oops.
I meant to say
"protect" us. my mistake.

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I didnt know this was possible! hahaha


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Nostalgia. @amber_alicia

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"You only missed my voice when nobody else called you."
A ten word story on being a second choice  (via lesbitre)

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She’s not pretending to be saccharine sweet, or without fault, or without pain—she doesn’t want to be a role model, she wants to be real. And she is. And now she’s officially an icon. - Harper’s Bazaar

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#1 rule: never cry over a fuckboy

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